How to learn Sitecore from Basic to Advanced (Part 1)

Sitecore Basic
Main resource :
As the title suggests, this post will cover different channels which Sitecore provide for the Sitecore users. In case if you know the basics of Sitecore then you can switch to these channels and learn the advance features.
Prerequisite: It is required to be a .NET developer and have good understanding on ASP.NET MVC.
Sitecore Community Docs
• Documentation and guides written by the community for developers. This is an open source initiative that the community can edit and contribute back to.

The Sitecore Link Project
• This is the most complete collection of Sitecore references ever to exist, verified and classified for your convenience. It also has a section for the beginners for easier start :
• You may also subscribe to 300+ RSS feeds of all Sitecore bloggers: so that you’ll get updated with dozens of new posts

Sitecore’s Official Education Channel
Training :
Developer Foundations eLearning courses :

Sitecore Community
The Sitecore community is a community of people working on Sitecore across the global and it has evolved very beautiful. All the people out there are always happy to help you. Whenever you are facing any issue just check if other Sitecore users has faced the same, in case no-one has faced it then you can create a new thread and people will help you out. URL –

Sitecore Documents & Knowledge Base
This is a site with very well documented documents or articles for learning new features as well as known issues.

Sitecore Marketplace
This is place where all the Sitecore users can contribute or reuse the existing modules for various functionalities. So before you start any functionality in your website, see if any module is available for the same so you will be able to save the time in the implementation phase.

Setup Sitecore

Practices Blog

Thank you.. Keep Learning.

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