How to become a developer ?

A lot of people don’t know how to start to become a developer ? And this is not an easy question. Because you know, they always note in their plan that :

  • I have to learn new languages like C#, Java, Python in 1 months.
  • I have to learn core, Django framework in 3 months.
  • I have to…Etc

But for mostly, 90% will feel boring after 1 month. Because they don’t know how the language with massive of syntax can help them to build a big big thing as they imagined. And they give up easily as they come. They are fear… always fear because they don’t know how long they can learn all of languages, all of platforms and tons of concept in programming languages.

But they all wrong. They don’t need to learn everything, they don’t need to know everything. The most important thing is : “They need to keep patient and learn it step by step. Don’t need to go fast. Don’t fear.”

I recommend you for this first step. Let find a programming book, whatever book that you think it interesting and then read, copy, typing, run it and see it.

Don’t need to understand it clearly. Just code and code and make all code in this book work. If you feel happy to code and see how the code transform into program in the laptop screen. Congrat !!! You now a coder – A monkey coder.

After that you can consider the following tips to level up your skills.

And keep in mind that : Don’t fear if the languages or technology is changing or outdate. The programing language just a tool for you to understand programming world and all technologies are based on CORE & PRINCIPLES.

Keep reading the book about the basic/core and principles in programming like: Computer Program, Operating System or OOP Design principles. It can hard for you for the first time but keep reading it again and again.

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